Every shower stall is different in size even though they look similar. We are aware that some shower door companies and also glass and mirror companies that order standard size shower door glass panels from China.  You can tell by the color of the glass.  Glass from china has a  dark green hue due to the high iron content. All glass except low iron glass like Starphire has a green hue.  Our frameless shower enclosure glass is manufactured in America so that it has a less of a green tint. We also cut out of plumb to match your walls. The outage do not have an affect on prices or looks of a shower enclosure. We have had shower walls that were 1 1/2" out of plumb and no one was more the wiser. The problem is that some walls have bows in them and this will cause a gap. See information about our hinges for more details on this subject. 

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We give phone quotes and in-home estimates for you shower enclosure or mirror. Please give as much information as possible for an accurate quote. We try very hard not to change the price when we arrive at your home. If there is anything you think that we should know about your shower stall please inform us. If you do not see a configuration that matches your shower stall, that is no problem just give us a description and we will give you the estimated price. 




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