About me and my shower company


     Hi, my name is Wayne and I am the owner of T&W Shower Doors. I would like to thank you for visiting our frameless shower enclosure website.  We are dedicated to only shower glass enclosures and bathroom mirrors. I started out in 2003 as T&W Glass and Mirror. We installed just about anything that had to do with glass and windows.  I've been working with glass since I was in my teens at my cousin's glass shop in Riverside.  I am now in my late 30's. Working in the glazing field has really been good to me.  Working with glass and people is a real pleasure and I will be installing shower enclosures until I retire.  When we were a glass and mirror company we only installed the frameless shower styles once a week or so and I really enjoyed installing them.  I figured maybe if we specialized we could install more shower enclosures and I enjoyed it so much more than installing window glass.  So we made the big change to a shower door company.  We actually started with installing framed shower doors and enclosures.  It didn't take long for me to decide that framed is not for me.  The problems that come along with framed shower enclosures are a headache.  The mold and leaking was a real pain.  I couldn't really take pride in installing junk.  So I specialized in totally frameless shower glass enclosures.  It has been great!   When you can stand back and look at your work and say I did that and walk away knowing that it will last a long time is priceless.   I do most of the installs personally, but since our work volume does not allow me to be on every job now that we have grown. I have hired employees that have almost as much experience that I have.   I have found it hard to find employees that do the same quality shower installs that I do.   It took me a very long time to even trust anyone. I finally have found a very good crew.  

      In the office I have hired sales associates that are required to spend time out in the field assisting me and one of our installers.  When people call in they want to talk to a phone operator that has actually installed a shower glass enclosure.  I require at least two days a month in the field.  When a customer calls in they can ask most any question about the install and the shower door itself and it will be a knowledgeable answer.  On the more complicated jobs I require the phone technician to go on the job site when the contract is being signed; this eliminates most all communication problems.   My sales associates even are knowledgeable in building codes and requirements.  I also require every employee to take a drug test and we do a background check.  When a technician is in your home you need to feel that you are safe and your possessions are safe.  Thank you for taking time to get to know us. We hope to get to know you soon.